Is Education on Someone's Wish List?

Literacy, or the ability to read and write, is a blessing often taken for granted.  For most, it's considered something learned during those early school years. Simply put, just a part of growing up.  Yet, for many others, things don't go as smoothly.

There are adults who can't read a bus schedule or their utility bill.  They need a diploma for that better job or that college application.  They can't help their child with homework because it's just as difficult for them to understand.

Likewise, there are children missing out on the opportunity to learn though reading because their parents can't read to them or they just don't have any books at home.

These people exist in our own community.

  • 53,000 adults in our county do not have their high school diploma.
  • 1/2 of all adults in the U.S. can't read at the 8th grade level.
  • 61% of children from low income households in our county have no children's books at home.
  • About 21% of adults in Stanislaus County have below basic literacy skills, sometimes due to language barriers.

Students, like Terri Hayworth, know the value of changing a life...

Beyond the many reasons why literacy is missing in their lives is the fact that there are so many who WANT access to education, tutoring, and books to explore.  Your gift will get these students the support they need. 

You can give a gift from your own generosity or even on behalf of someone you care about.  Every act of kindness matters.

Strengthen our community by giving the gift of literacy and education so many are waiting for.



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